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    China Yuanbig Group Limited

    Company Profile
    Yuanbig Group(Trading) Limited is one of the most infusive top ten representative enterprises of petrochemical industry in China. Founded in 1979, is located in the Yizhuang Economic Development Zone of Beijing City,China, is specialized in petrochemical products and fine chemical products development, production and sales for the main business of listed companies. Companies listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 1999, total of 800 million shares, now has 51 holding subsidiaries, total assets of 35.195 b...
    Products List

    kunlun brand virgin hdpe granules hdpe resins
    kunlun brand virgin ldpe granules hdpe resins
    Contact Us
    Company: China Yuanbig Group Limited
    Contact: Mr. Alan Zhang
    Address: No.5 Changcheng Road
    Postcode: 100100
    Tel: 86-10-66778899
    Fax: 86-10-66778889

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    Tel : 86-10-66778899 Fax : 86-10-66778889
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